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November 29, 2011

What should you do if you don’t get the IELTS score you need?

 Sometimes it happens, you study hard, you know you have ”all your ducks in a row’, you are really prepared, motivated and ready for the exam but somehow, for some reason you don’t get the result you need and it’s a BIG BLOW.

Some of my own students have experienced this and I shared the disappointment with them, especially as I really knew that they had everything they needed at their fingertips to pass with the band they wanted. Something had gone wrong on the day and the task in hand now would be to do a post-mortem and then decide on a way forward.

So here’s my plan of action that you can put in place when your exam doesn’t give you the score you want.

1. Firstly, be assured that you HAVE NOT FAILED, you haven’t quite got your target score but if you have scored 6.5 instead of 7 then that is a VERY good score! Allow yourself to feel disappointed, angry, despairing, whatever emotion you feel – go through this – you have to get over the disappointment before you can move on. Talk to whoever you feel you need to talk to or hide in your room for 3 days if that’s what you need to do – get it out of your system!

2.  After the initial hurt has passed you should feel more inclined to think about the exam – what happened? I think this stage is important as unless you address where you made the mistakes it’s very difficult to move on in a positive way. Ask yourself these questions:

  • was I really ready for the exam (did my teacher advise me against taking it, for example?), be honest
  • what happened in each paper; did you finish, did you say enough in the speaking, did you do something new or different, how much guessing did you do, were you too anxious, or even too confident – try to get an overview of the day
  • how did you feel about the questions were they straightforward, were they difficult,
  • how were you on the day – did you feel rushed, were you confident, too nervous, petrified etc..
  • try to get a picture

3. Now it’s time to ‘get back on your bike’ and try again – but with the knowledge and experience you have gained from this last experience.

4. From your analysis of your exam you should have an idea where you might have performed less than your best and this is what you must address while not allowing the other areas to drop.

  • work on these ‘problem’ areas in more detail
  • put a study plan in place
  • if you need only revise one area and the score was close, set a provisional (or actual) date for your next exam
  • if you had more than one lower score then you may need to go back to the drawing board and find out what is going wrong – perhaps get some professional help
  • if this keeps happening then you will have to change the way you are approaching your preparation – it could be that you are becoming an expert at a particular score and you need to ‘up your game’ to move away from this

5. Maybe you can’t work out what went wrong and you came away from the exam feeling very confident that it had all gone really well. It can be dangerous to be over-confident and it might be worth checking with a teacher that you really have the skills at the level you want. If this is confirmed then it was probably a fluke and you should keep up the practise but go back and take it as soon as possible (this is especially the case if all scores were very high except one e.g. if you got 3x band 8 and a 6.5 which was unexpected). If, on the other hand, your teacher thinks that your English level is below your desired band score then you need to get more English language practice and you MUST address this first.

6. Finally ‘don’t give up’. This is a setback and if you are on-track for the score you need you WILL get it. Keep focused, keep improving your skills and keep motivated. Every day you will be improving and IELTS is only the starting point for your future so none of the preparation you do will be wasted, it will all help you when you need to use the language day in, day out on your course or in your job.

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I hope to see you there🙂





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  3. A very inspiring post! I like it. But the hardest thing in exam preparations is Sticking to the plan or time table! Personally I find it too tough!

    Comment by e publishing companies in India — December 14, 2011 @ 9:31 am | Reply

    • You are absolutely right that is the challenge. That is why if you work with a tutor or coach they will make sure that you keep to the plan and they will be stopping you from giving up even if you are resigned so to do!! The statistics show that only around 5% or 6% of people who sign up to do something actually follow through and become successful (hence the reason not everyone is a millionaire!). It’s always tough and you really need to be a strong character to succeed but with the right support you have a better chance! AND the results will definitely be worth all the effort🙂

      Comment by rliberni — December 14, 2011 @ 10:18 am | Reply

  4. Hello, thank you for a very interesting site, and many interesting posts.🙂

    I am an English teacher in Bangkok Thailand, I teach students one to one or in small groups.

    I teach IELTS to students here in Bangkok,

    so I understand your words about student disappointment, and agree with your positive attitude towards their pass mark.

    Teaching is such an interesting evolution🙂

    thank you for your post, now to look at the rest of your site.


    Ray 🙂

    Comment by Ray — January 24, 2012 @ 8:45 am | Reply

    • Hi Ray thanks for the comment. I’d be interested in finding out more about your work.

      You are right. It is hard when students miss the score they need. There are often lots of reasons for this but sometimes things just go wrong and it’s important not to give up on the dream! I think this skill of motivating students and helping them pick themselves up and get back on track is really important and a key skill in teaching. I hope you like the rest of the site!🙂

      Comment by rliberni — January 27, 2012 @ 7:12 pm | Reply

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  6. Berni, I’ve heard a bit about gapfillers. How does your program compare to others?

    I’m an IELTS teacher from Singapore and hoping to improve my IELTS teaching. Do contact me. Thanks.

    Comment by IELTS Singapore — February 22, 2013 @ 6:28 pm | Reply

    • Hi Jonathan thanks for the comment. I’m really thrilled that you have heard about Gapfillers!! You’ve made my day🙂 I’ll drop you an email.

      Comment by rliberni — February 27, 2013 @ 4:05 pm | Reply

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