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A flavour of Fleetham Lodge

If you would like to study English with me you can do this in Yorkshire. I have room for 4 students at any one time to come and live and study so it is possible to come as a mini group as well as an individual.

Courses can be arranged from 2 days to 2 weeks. Full-day intensive courses are also possible

My special interests

Language for work

Helping people equip themselves linguistically for the work place. How to manage in meetings, make presentations, write reports etc.. but also how to engage socially – pre and post meeting, break-out sessions, over lunch and in other social moments related to work.

It is possible to include sector specific language as part of a course.

Advanced learners 

I have a long experience teaching people who are very advanced yet still feel that there is a lot to learn. We look at expanding vocabulary, using more idiomatic language, difficult aspects of language such as humour, tact, hidden meaning etc.. Also pronunciation, different types of text (including literature ) and audio.

See my Pecha Kucha on Advanced learners (for teachers)


I have a lot of  IELTS experience, mostly with students needing higher band scores 7 and 8. I have also worked with a lot of students who have taken the exam many times and not been able to achieve the band they need. The reasons for this situation can be very difficult to discover in a large class and individual attention helps to get to the root of the problem and deal with it.

Teacher training

I enjoy working with teachers who do not have English as their native tongue. We look at areas of language that can  still be developed, what the latest trends are in slang and idiom and all those bits of language that are fascinating and perhaps illogical! We also look at methodology and share ideas and experiences. We top this off by going out on cultural trips in the area (there are a great many grand houses, amazing gardens, galleries and museums and interesting cities like Durham and York and of course the Moors and Dales of Yorkshire which are on our doorstep. These then make excellent fodder for us to try out our teaching skills on each other!

Find Me 

nearest airports are Newcastle, Teesside, Leeds-Bradford; direct trains from London, Manchester and Edinburgh;  a few minutes from the A1.

Leave me a message or contact  for more information

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