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November 17, 2010

Beyond A Blog – The purpose of blogs in education

#Edchat 11-9–2010 – 18:00 CET 12 PM EST

Thank you to Rob Griffith (@rgriffithjr) for this week’s summary. The edchat session on blogging was amazing – as you can see from the post and it was not easy to keep up! Rob has captured the energy in this summary. So many links were posted that there is no excuse for not including blogging in your work! Thank you Rob for providing us with a great summary. See Rob’s bio at the end of the post.

Main Points:

  • Blogging Engagement – Challenging others and ourselves to express views/ideas.

Blogs are a tremendous tool for getting students, teachers, and parents involved in educational discussion and inquiry.  They provide a simple straightforward platform that promotes involvement and higher level thinking.  Students that may be shy in the classroom often open up in the blogging environment

  • Blogging Enabling – Creating an opportunity to speak their voice

Blogs allow the author to speak their mind without fear of reprisal. For those who disagree with the opinion and position they can simply stop reading.  The author is granted ownership through the writing of a blog and generally is compelled to produce a post that demonstrates quality work and preparation.

  • Blogging Effectiveness – Comprehending the outcomes why/how to Blog  

Blogs have the ability to be utilized for multiple purposes.  From introductory thinking, to complicated research, a blog has both usefulness and purpose. Blogs can immerse the reader with ideas, interact with an audience, and inspire people to change.  Take a look at the comments from #edchat about Blogging in Education

Here is a selection of some of the comments:

@malcolmbellamy -I have seen excellent examples of increased confidence and reasons for writing using blogs #edchat

@bhsprincipal  -At the h.s. level, we need more student voice to move the agenda, student blogs are a great vehicle for this. #edchat

@karacornejo – Children need to write for real purposes in genres that are relevant to today’s world. #edchat

@andycinek -Saying no to student blogs is basically saying no to reflection, writing, and critical analysis #edchat

@k_shelton -Blogging provides students with an authentic audience (classmates) that can interact with their writings, unlike a paper journal #edchat

@Tina_Barr – It is the job of and educators to inform, not censor. #edchat

@schoolsEDU – Example: students can blog their learning process(es) and track progress. #edchat

@ericjuli – In blogless classrooms, there sometimes isn’t any purposeful structure for student-student relationships #edchat

@debwhite – Blogs are a way of communicating, reflecting, making thinking visible, showing change over time, documenting learning. This is ed.

@vlnenglish – blogs are a great reflective tool for students and teachers

@WorldWideLearn – Students are heard outside the classroom RT @davidwees What arguments can we produce to justify blogging? #edchat

@baldy7  – #edchat the single greatest transformative experience in my professional career was beginning to blog and reply to blogs

@drtimony   – Blogging is important b/c it is what people are doing now. It is a viable option for expression. Ts should see that. #edchat

@karacornejo   – Not only do I hv students comment on others blogs but I have their parents comment also, nvr would have happened w/ journal writing #edchat

@mathartist  – Blogging is reporting and on the highest level of digital Bloom’s. Reporting is accountability & ownership #edchat

@carneysandoe – #edchat Communication between parents and school is enhanced by this tool.

@davidwees  – Often schools build time into their schedules for collaboration, professional development, how about blogging? #edchat

@malcolmbellamy – the blog is not a one-way thing there is a real conversation with comments! #edchat

@rliberni  – A blog is a real way of engaging stds in something real and tangible #edchat

@yolinksearch – Blogging encourages students to stay up-to-date and critically analyze current events that are important to them #edchat

To follow the complete discussion see here 

For the stats on #edchat participation see here 

 As ever some great links were shared – so many this week!

HigherEdMorning:  A student’s stranded on a desert island … http://bit.ly/cyhQMN

nancyrubin:  Blogging and Bloom’s Taxonomy http://t.co/hJfcxXf  via @nancyrubin #edchat

FrankCatalano:  Crowdsourcing the 5th-grade classroom: results so far of Slate’s effort http://bit.ly/dxFX5Z

nancyrubin:  Tech Lessons – Blog Ideas http://t.co/ZAdZjx7  via @nancyrubin #edchat

cybraryman1: My collection of Administrators blogs: http://bit.ly/2jA0jN

bhsprincipal:  Social networking (blogging) Improves Literacy (via @gcouros) http://bit.ly/cxQiLB  #edchat
2043777699024896 edudemic 11/9/2010 12:04 PM TV vs. Social Media: Who Swears More? http://t.co/WiOPl8m #edchat

mrami2:  Check out how my student Shawn has embraced blogging in the classroom: http://bit.ly/93ArjM

nancyrubin:  eJournal Ideas for Teachers http://t.co/sCfcKw1  via @nancyrubin #edchat

maggiev: Top 20 Websites No Teacher Should Start the 2010-2011 Year Without http://bit.ly/9augy8 #edchat #edtech

DeputyMitchell:  Is commenting on blogs a dying art? Read @HGJohn’s view: http://bit.ly/9tN601  #edchat

aaronmueller:  Here are many examples of my own video blogs for online students http://bit.ly/8X8zb1

joe_bower: Silent Reading, Star Wars and Technology http://bit.ly/arCNH1  #abed #edchat

andycinek:  @elanaleoni it has happened in philly http://exm.nr/cz5RZh

bhsprincipal:  @socratech We have one. No policy for it http://on.fb.me/9gMpyE

mrami2:  My students share their views on Blogging in the Classroom: http://bit.ly/a9P1fQ

DreamBox_Learn: DreamBox Learning Blog: Tuesday Teacher Tip – Books That Teach Math. Share your favorite! http://bit.ly/d12vOI  #edchat #mathchat

bhsprincipal: “Social networking (blogging) Improves Literacy (via @gcouros) http://bit.ly/cxQiLB

ImagineLearning:  New Post: Helping your English learners take advantage of the Internet: How can you help your Engli… http://bit.ly/cEVNwd

manelrives: willrich45: Rereading: “The Object of Education is Learning, Not Teaching” http://bit.ly/WFOkv  Must read. #edreform #edchat

gcouros: PLS Follow and say hi! to new h.s. Principal blogger from MA is @etracywhs http://bit.ly/cRhRd9  #cpchat #edchat

Tina_Barr: Adobe Flash risk exposing students’ personal data: http://bit.ly/cxIktd  possible risk #edchat

aaronmueller: @ian23505 Here is our first beginnings of a professional facebook presence http://on.fb.me/c104d7

ShellTerrell:  Blogs help students explore their passions! Such as this kid blogger, http://bit.ly/cjJpUc  #edchat

andycinek: When schools say no to blogging they are controling the voice of a population #edchat #1984 http://bit.ly/biAGPB

ian23505:  @aaronmueller thanks for sharing. Here is mine: http://on.fb.me/9Ewjtn

 bhsprincipal:  @socratech I have a link from my blog http://bit.ly/9anyBP  which is linked from our website http://bit.ly/cNgktB

cybraryman1: My Educational Blogs page: http://bit.ly/8mcqcC  I can see a Class Blogs page coming (I have a few) #edchat

nancyrubin:  21st Century Literacies http://t.co/37Of4tV  via @nancyrubin #edchat

carneysandoe:  look at one teacher who’s using blogging as a creative way of showcasing pupils’ work: http://bit.ly/dtqJ65

Tina_Barr:  Good Q RT @JaneVanHof: Should kids learn typing skills or the art of cursive? http://bit.ly/baf0o5

nancyrubin:  Video – The 21st Century Learner http://t.co/CXcTYlT  via @nancyrubin

andycinek:  #ntcamp blogger series post by @kbakerIEE http://bit.ly/b75rVX  #edchat #ntchat

TLkirsten:  Creating a Bloggin Scope and Sequence by Kim Cofino http://bit.ly/aBnFRG

carneysandoe:  RT @rliberni: At what age should we start with blogs? -> Just shared this http://bit.ly/dtqJ65  they are 8. #edchat

TLkirsten: “Creating a Bloggin Scope and Sequence” by Kim Cofino http://bit.ly/aBnFRG

pearsonls:  3 helpful websites for finding interesting teaching techniques. http://ow.ly/36VUi  #edchat #onlinelearning ^SW

cmoor4:  we use R blog 4 all sorts of gr8 assignments, but mostly 2 create an audience & purpose 4 (cont…) http://trunc.it/cgpyk

nelbaquintana:  My 7 year old students have already started blogging! http://ini2-icab-lp.blogspot.com

fliegs:  @michellek107 Totally. Read this http://bit.ly/awh8fF

cybraryman1:  @vmc_teachers See left hand column on my Ed Blogs pg for (blog etiquette, blogs for students, blog rubric..): http://bit.ly/8mcqcC

blanchetblog:  Ithink they should be public, but make sure kids know not to post private info #edchat link to student blog: http://mvutru.blogspot.com/

michellek107:  Aviva’s (@Grade1) take on why tech makes a difference in kids’ writing. http://bit.ly/awh8fF

zecool:  For those of you who understand French, @gauviroo ‘s K-8 school has been actively blogging since 2005 http://cahm.elg.ca/ #edchat #Clair2011

ergosteve: 18 Technologies Changing #Onderwys Forever: Ignoreer dit by jou verantwoording http://bit.ly/dhDHZh  #passiondriven #edchat

rliberni:  My piece on blogging and English language skills http://bit.ly/9m02us  #edchat

budtheteacher:  Considering connective writing might be helpful. http://digitalis.nwp.org/collection/whats-new-or-whats-good-writing-connecti  #edchat

vmc_teachers:  @ShellTerrell @karacornejo What is the advantages of http://Kidblog.org over other platforms ? #edchat #EdRes

ktenkely:  Any of you #edchat peeps want to put in your 2cents for #twitacad, starting a new school would love input! http://bit.ly/cYXS7O

ShellTerrell: Connecting Through Blogs! Many resources http://bit.ly/9beD59  #edchat #blogging #edtech

vmc_teachers: @schoolsEDU Which blogs? I recently discovd http://www.posterous.com  – allows many contribs. WordPress also great. #edchat

leahmacvie:  With a campus-wide effort for blogging, now comes the need for guidelines/directions. See ours: : http://bit.ly/dm081b #edchat

TheHeadsOffice:  DeputyMitchell: Is commenting on blogs a dying art? Read @HGJohn’s view: http://bit.ly/9tN601 #edchat >Presenting on it #tmbristol Weds

TheNerdyTeacher:   @MrsBMG @Mrskmpeters @ShannonMiller’s #edcampkc Session on K-12 Blogging http://bit.ly/daQQ7o  – #edchat #blogging

amichetti:  Love this piece frm DMLcentral re: impt connection btwn #Community & #Writing in digital age http://j.mp/aZ2kS8  cc  @intrepidteacher #edchat

CarneySandoe: 33 Ways to use blogs in your classroom and in the educational setting: http://bit.ly/aYwWdQ

RobertBorgersen:  Blogging with immediate feedback: Google Wave and Google Docs: http://bit.ly/9hgrkg  and http://bit.ly/cy6wVK #edchat #education

tomwhitby:  BTW you are all invited to my Blog “My Island View” . Your comments are most welcomed. http://bit.ly/86CKmb  #Edchat

ianaddison:  I wonder if our US friends would like to look too? Pick a class on the right and leave a comment http://www.stjohnsblogs.co.uk  #edchat

YancyUnger:  #edchat Blogging can be about autonomy, mastery, and purpose. That is the motivation. http://bit.ly/aFiTdn


@rgriffithjr – I am an educator from Western New York.  I love using technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness of my classroom instruction.  

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