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October 16, 2010

Is the rapid development and use of of technology in education shifting educators from a desire for change to a need for change to stay relevant and literate?

#Edchat 10-5-2010 – 18:00 CET 12 PM EST

Firstly apologies for being so long in posting this blog (Virtual Round Table duties and teaching two courses this week) – a brilliant summary from David Wees (see bio at end of post) @davidwees, who has provided blog posts for both #edchats on October 5th (2nd one following )!! Great work David. David is a regular at #edchat and always has great links and information to share. I’m sure you will agree that  two posts from David we are truly blessed! Thank you for the dedication and enthusiasm David!

It is absolutely essential that educators remain up to date on current developments in our world. It is amazing how fast change is occurring and it will not be long before the content based curriculum we have will no longer be relevant. Changes in our society and the technology we use which once took centuries to develop and unfold now happen in the span of a single year.

So I would say that we should not be talking about a desire to change as we have already moved into a definite need for change. There was very little disagreement about this in our discussion in #edchat today which was definitely encouraging for me, given that I have already written about this topic and formed my own opinion. It was nice to have my opinion validated though.

We should be teaching our students a curriculum based on the skills they will probably need to be successful in their future. Most of the content we teach can be easily learned when necessary and does nothing to prepare our students. Worse, much of what we teach is out of date and does not reflect the reality of our rapidly changing world.

Here are some of the main themes from the discussion:

  • Educators are afraid of change and of the future.
  • Students need to learn how to learn more than they need to learn what we know.
  • Time in our schedules to actually implement these changes is essential.
  • These skills cannot be measured with a standardized test.
  • We need to share more of what we know as a profession.

Here is a selection of some of the comments:

With such a vibrant discussion, it’s almost impossible to do it justice in a summary, but I’ve picked out some of the comments that caught my eye.

  • @davidwees – Within a few years the human knowledge base will be increasing faster than our ability to match curriculum to it. #edchat
  • @shellterrell – I believe there is the need to change the system to include tech, but adding an IWB in every schl & no support not the solution #Edchat
  • @jonbergmann – Many tchrs today are too afraid of change. But their kids have changed. It is time for change #edchat
  • @EdTechEvolution – In other words, is change serving as a means to an end, or is it becoming an end unto itself? #edchat
  • @bhsprincipal – There must be models where teachers are give time within traditional schedules. We need to share them. #edchat
  • @schoology – Perhaps there needs to be more #edtech training brought to the curriculum in training to be a teacher #edchat
  • @rliberni – Is there a danger we may put put tech before the learning/content if we move too fast? #edchat
  • @L_Hilt – #edchat And let’s give time for “Tech” when it connects to meaningful learning. Show me how time spent on the initiative will benefit kids.
  • @hadleyjf – Teachers sharing with each other is very powerful PD! #edchat
  • @BLicata – Why do we need traditional schedules? Why cant we be creative instead of confined to time #edchat
  • @andycinek – At the end of the day, whether we use tech or not, we need to create a dynamic learning environment for students #edchat
  • @MaggieSwitz – Admin needs to use “carrots” to encourage teachers to experiment with tech, not sticks if they fail #edchat
  • @Carter_Learning – tech moves SO fast; can education as an institution possibly keep up? #edchat
  • @schoology – We need to get the idea of “FAILING” out of our vocab. Turn education to experimenting/exploring #edchat
  • @tucksoon – Exponential growth spur by tech as seen on “Do you know” video reminded us that tech is not an option in edu #edchat
  • @MaggieSwitz – We only move forwards when the student eventually overtakes the teacher #edchat
  • @vickicobb – @rliberni we need to change the image of the teacher as an authority with answers to a learning facilitator not afraid of mistakes. #edchat
  • @hakan_sentrk – when teaching tech to newbies do not use your own language but the language of your audience. they will be grateful. #edtech #edchat

I would ask that the following question is added to the poll next week:

  • What changes have we seen to our understanding of the world are critical that our students know?

To follow the complete discussion see here

For the stats on #edchat participation see here

As ever, there were some great links shared:

bcnpaul1: running shoes or no running shoes… coursebook or no coursebook… http://bit.ly/aSbGNC

davidwees:  Read this article I wrote about the desperate need to change how we structure schools. http://wees.it/needtochange

EDUCATIONCEO: Who are the education “experts”? Celebrities or those on the ground? http://wp.me/pFMKw-mv

AmpChats: Working Smarter in Berlin, with @JayCross and @Hjarche > #lrnchat #edchat #collaboration #learning http://bit.ly/dibXNr

jonbergmann:  @bhsprincipal Chk out our model of blended learning: http://bit.ly/3PAZ1K and http://bit.ly/dwA6to #edchat to see how to make it work

bhsprincipal: Our last PD Day gave teachers time http://bit.ly/bXKBCF #edchat – They loved it!

chalkdust49:  Replace ‘baseball’ with teachers http://chir.ps/7T5  #edchat

ShellTerrell:  According to Seth Godin we need to continue rooting Tchrs new to tech on, esp when they struggle http://bit.ly/9ZNHV3

jonbergmann:  We have a model that is working and catching on: the “flipped classroom” Daniel Pink referenced us http://bit.ly/b5mu5r

cybraryman1: @rliberni One Computer in a Classroom links: http://bit.ly/bjFq3d

patgrove:  We need to help our students become independent learners that means change http://bit.ly/bXAJMV #NMS30 #NMSPLC

jonbergmann:  Our sch (sci dept) has moved to a mastery blended flipped classroom. Very effective for student learning http://bit.ly/bE6TCC

andycinek: We also need to understand that tech integration WILL inevitably fail! But must persevere http://bit.ly/9nMz1D

Mr_Johansson:  Ready for a tear-jerker example of what students can do? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeR-YKj05_M

Carter_Learning:  We can use technology stdnts already bring with ’em http://bit.ly/dzDq0Q

NMHS_Principal:  Here is @tomwhitby in a suit #edchat http://mypict.me/cQ4De

markbrumley: If you have seen @ijukes presentations, you know change is necessary or we are in trouble! http://ow.ly/2OPov

andycinek:  Hey #edchat I must B on my way, but if U R looking 4 exciting tech lessons 4 your classroom check the #iTeach180 Proj. http://bit.ly/TpB8

EdTechEvolution:  Must leave – be brave and celebrate it, everyone! Thank you for the insights today. http://bit.ly/6hLhDY

RobertBorgersen:  @ImagineLearning Just got an article published on being open minded 4 using tech for ed. http://tinyurl.com/3y427fy

tsetc:  Great article about #teachers coming together to learn about #edtech http://ht.ly/2OPUe

cybraryman1:  My Tech Integration in subject areas page: http://bit.ly/9AB2tS

schoology:  To learn more about how to collaborate & engage students while implementing #edtech chk out http://ht.ly/2OQbc

MissCheska:  @monicamalpas77 This blog post by @TeachPaperless (tips on tech snafus) might help http://bit.ly/93IFLO

vmc_teachers:  Thank you all for the #edchat Don’t forget to thank the teachers that don’t give up! And share your photos of WTD! http://bit.ly/cGxQ5c+

hakan_sentrk:  first presentation I had for our “frightened” teachers: http://bit.ly/952UXy

ShellTerrell:  Several tutorials, lessons, and more for using a variety of #edtech tools effectively with students http://bit.ly/c2vE2I

yongclee: Great call to action from @chrislehmann: This isn’t an education debate http://huff.to/9VPuDK


David Wees has taught in Brooklyn, London, Bangkok, and Vancouver in public, parochial, and private education. His diverse experiences have given him a unique perspective on education systems worldwide. He currently teaches in a small private school called Stratford Hall in Vancouver where he is the Learning Specialist for Technology. He has also written an already out of date textbook on Mathematics and he blogs regularly at http://davidwees.com

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  1. wondering if anyone has read Kevin Kelly’s What Technology Wants…
    just picked it up – anxious to see what’s he’s got to say.

    Comment by monika hardy — October 17, 2010 @ 1:31 am | Reply

    • Thank you for your comment Monika. I haven’t read it myself but I hope others have and will comment here!

      Comment by rliberni — October 17, 2010 @ 8:14 pm | Reply

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