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June 8, 2010

Pass it on!

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I am thrilled to discover that the award below was given to me by a fellow blogger as a blog to ‘keep an eye on’.  I thank you very much Bright Ideas (this is a great blog to pop into your google reader!) and I very much hope I can live up to the accolade!

OK the rules of engagement are as follows:

  • Copy and display the picture of the award given to you;
  • Link back to the blog that nominated you;
  • Nominate 10 different blogs yourself;
  • Inform the people you nominated, so they can in turn, continue the chain and spread the word about other great blogs out there.

So with a drum roll ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ here are my 10 nominations!!

  1. A Journey in TEFL Eva’s lovely account of her EFL teaching adventure gives a blow-by-blow account. Lots of other great stuff on this blog too.
  2. ZarcoEnglish Blog – this is just a part of Alexandra’s amazing website featuring her school and students – beautiful!
  3. Sean Banville’s Blog – Sean’s blog claims to be about the things from his head – it’s a good mix of a variety of topics and thoughts with emphasis on students and learning.
  4. ELT Musings and other tidbits – Tamas’s blog is a collection of experiences (some very poignant), thoughts and ideas about being an EFL teacher.
  5. Afghan Women’s Writing project – this project is truly amazing – there are some wonderful pieces by women in Afghanistan often writing under pseudonyms to protect their identity.
  6. The Island Weekly – Anne has a great collection here of things for students and teachers alike with regular grammar points to check.
  7. Mike Harrison’s Blog – another newish kid on the block (like me!) but well worth looking at, a good mix of experiences and ideas to share with fellow teachers
  8. Doing Some Thinking – in this blog Henrick reflects in ELT, shares ideas and his experiences of EFL in Brazil.
  9. What’s new in the world – is a treasure-chest of ideas, links, information and general stuff for teachers and anybody interested in education.
  10. The English Teacher – all you need to be an English Teacher online – lovely!

Thank you again Bright Ideas for the mention and the opportunity to select another 10 blogs to pass on to others!



  1. Thanks for the mention here, Berni! Very much appreciated.

    I plan to do some blog-reading away from the ELT world soon (which will involve finding some that I like!) and will report back if I find any interesting ones at a future date =)

    Comment by Mike Harrison — June 10, 2010 @ 9:43 am | Reply

    • Please do, I have a gr8 long list of blogs in my reader (not many are EFL) but quite often don’t get time to keep up to date. When I look at other peoples (esp. in EFL) – it scares me how rapidly they add things , change formats etc.. I think mine is more for students than teachers though so I’ll try and keep one step ahead. 🙂

      Comment by rliberni — June 10, 2010 @ 11:30 am | Reply

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