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May 19, 2010

Saving District Money: 4 day Week/Extended school day.


5-18-2010 – 18:00 CET 12 PM EST

1,000 participants and 4,000 tweets!!


We’re thrilled to have John Steltz (@jpsteltz) providing this week’s #edchat summary. He is a regular at edchat and devoted to technology in education. I think you will agree that his summary is a very thoughtful representation of what was a great discussion! See John’s bio at the end of the summary.

Our topic began with several pros/cons to the idea of having a four-day school week and extending the hours of those four school days.  The topic transformed from a discussion about funding and budgets back to doing what is needed for our students.  Great educators always bring every discussion back to creating opportunities for our students to be successful.

Here are some of the main themes from the discussion:

  1. Maximize/Optimize Regular School Day
  2. Saving on Transportation Costs would make Significant Impact
  3. Options for 5th Day: Professional Development, Community Service for Students, Mentors w/ Local Businesses, Virtual Schools, DOWNFALL – Child Care
  4. Timeshift via Technology Use: Schools w/out walls, Blended Classes, Work in Shifts
  5. Impact on Extra-Curricular Activities:Activities in morning/Academics in afternoon, Learning Outside of Classroom, EC Important to Education and Students Finding Passion
  6. Change – Not One Size Fits All: Rural Districts vs. Urban Districts
  7. United States Edu vs. Other Countries
  8. Start from Scratch, Build Something that Lasts

Here is a selection of some of the comments:

With such a vibrant discussion, it’s almost impossible to do it justice in a summary, but I’ve picked out some of the comments that caught my eye.


We may want to consider blended classes using Technology to timeshift learning and reduce time in the building.

Berni Wall rliberni

We need a classroom without walls approach

Shaelynn Farnsworth shfarnsworth

scheduled day -Friday to hold all extras -field trips, college tours, group projects, comm. would cut down disruptions dur. reg. wk

Jane Byers Goodwin Mamacita

Are any coaches going to chime in about games, practices, etc? Those always ruled the roost here.

Shelly S Terrell ShellTerrell

This school found a 4 day wk to be successful, greater student attendance & attention http://bit.ly/cDNwtO

Cheska Lorena MissCheska

What about configuring A/B block schedules to align w/ more problem-based/project-based instruction?

skipvia skipvia

The 800 lb gorilla in this discussion is child care.

Tina nocturne4342

“American students spend about 30% less time in school than students in other leading nations,’’ Senator Edward Kennedy

Tom Whitby tomwhitby

@wmchamberlain Tech enables us to timeshift. collaboration does not revolve around school time. BTW I do not disagree with you.

Howard Glasser hglasser

Why not a 7-day “learning” week? Learning can (should!) occur always even when outside of school. Why not break outside of “school?”

Maggie Powers farfalla3

4 days could of in class could open up lots of possibilities 4 day 5: research, field work, service, trips. Doable at your school?


Change in time (schoolday) and change in space (learning environment) go hand in hand; it can’t be done piecemeal.

Debra Pierson piersoncci

As a parent, I can’t imagine trying to find care for my kids during day 5? What if my employer doesn’t do 4/10s?

Matthias Heil MatthiasHeil

My dream: (at least) double periods, time 4 projects, no homework, loads of study time, everybody moves on at the end of the year


How does a 4-day week for students mesh with 5-day work weeks for parents?

Martin Swanhall Swanny203

how about those students who are not ‘morning people’ – let them go to school from 3 to 8ish (night shift)

Cheska Lorena MissCheska

I like Google’s idea of letting employees spend 20% of time work on personal projects. That could translate well to education.


I would rather have an extended day in which the work gets done at school than the current day with hours of homework.

Chris Franzen franze98

@rliberni transporation costs, but those will vary by district. lunch costs & other hourly support staff costs lessened


Moving school days to business 4/10 schedule seems practical, but how does that fit students’ development? Attn span is already shot

I would ask that the following question is added to the poll next week:

How can educators, teachers and administrators, in the same building genuinely work together for the success of students?

To follow the complete discussion see here

For the stats on #edchat participation see here

As ever, there were some great links shared:

nocturne4342: http://bit.ly/lCC8i article from last yr. on experimntl schl extend day in MA. While 4/5 different funding culd still be issue

skipvia: Time should be a variable. Learning/standards should be the constants. (YES! http://www.sbs.adams50.org)

Mamacita: Many older students would do much better if their day began at noon. Teens need more sleep than toddlers do. #edchat http://ff.im/kwmUP

ShellTerrell: This school found a 4 day wk to be successful, greater student attendance & attention http://bit.ly/cDNwtO

mamacita: Are any coaches going to chime in about games, practices, etc? Those always ruled the roost here. #edchat http://ff.im/kwnx2

mamacita: I like the idea of shifts, so a.m. lovers can do morning & night owls can do later. #edchat http://ff.im/kwnPd

dumacornellucia: New blog post #edtech20 ad comments and rt http://bit.ly/cirVwi

piersoncci: Indiana study on 4 day wks – http://bit.ly/bNykcB – works best in rural, small districts.

luis2010: Google Gives Away Google Voice Invites to College Students. http://is.gd/cbCld

Mamacita: Isolated subjects are worthless. We must help students learn that everything is connected to everything else. #edchat http://ff.im/kwqGz

Mamacita: Good teachers know how to make connections. Teams are nice but not always necessary. #edchat http://ff.im/kwroV

Mamacita: How about a full day for academic students, & a half day school/half day actual job for the non-academics? #edchat http://ff.im/kwrQs

NMHS_Principal: explains the power of Twitter to change Public Education for the better: http://bit.ly/bsS2On

dumacornellucia: New blog post on # eskills about my activities using new tehnologies in education #edtech20 http://bit.ly/9itljs

datruss: @mctownsley Ideal PD can vary in length, but see my final ‘trap’ here for my perspective http://bit.ly/9IQYRJ

Mamacita: Without the arts, we are bumpkins stuffed with facts. #edchat http://ff.im/kwszM

cybraryman1: @readtoday See: Open Doors, a School-Business Partnership, on my Careers page: http://bit.ly/34zO7O

Pappyo: Putting #edreform with #edtech into perspective. Interesting read. http://oreil.ly/a6y1No #edchat (via @radar)

nocturne4342: 4-Day School Weeks Might Be Coming In Illinois http://bit.ly/ckEEQt

ShellTerrell:  Another successful case of a 4 day school week http://bit.ly/9yRoyZ

Dowbiggin: Here’s a link to that 19th Century Schools blog I wrote almost a year ago: http://bit.ly/aDaWjE

Dowbiggin:   I don’t like AM anything. I am a night owl. #edchat //Amen. http://ff.im/kwuFf

tomwhitby: We are trying to get a handle on the reach of #edchat. Please help us by filling in some survey info. THX http://is.gd/ceOU7

Mamacita: College admission standards should be more stringent. I teach college now & have students who can barely read. #edchat http://ff.im/kwv5K

Mamacita: Far too many kids go to college on the Parental Fantasy Plan. #edchat http://ff.im/kwvA2

leahmacvie: Great article: Feed money into the system that will school your future employees. http://cot.ag/azlWde

elanaleoni: @farfalla3 BBC just did an article on Finland: http://bit.ly/dgpKlB & Linda Darling-Hammond has research: http://bit.ly/aFpbth

cybraryman1:  @readtoday See: Open Doors, a School-Business Partnership, on my Careers page: http://bit.ly/34zO7O

lizditz:   @k_5remediation: 85% of low SES 4th graders failing in reading http://bit.ly/9AwPgr

Parentella: Middle School: are we done yet?!? http://bit.ly/da5l3z

My name is John Steltz (@jpsteltz).  I am a teacher of students, father of four, and loving, devoted friend to Desiree, my tremendous spouse.  My subject area is English/Language Arts.  I teach in Seymour, WI.  Twitter and  #edchat has been instrumental in igniting a spark in my classroom for my students.  Thanks to all the members that make #edchat go each week!!!

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What do you think about a 4 day Week/Extended school day? Leave a comment!


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