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May 12, 2010

How can PD stimulate education reform?


5-11-2010 – 18:00 CET 12 PM EST



Our summary has been provided today by guest-blogger William Chamberlain (@wmchamberlain). William is regular and active participant at #edchat and provides many of the great links on all the topics. You can see his bio at the bottom of the page.

I was extremely pleased about this topic. Although it was actually the second place choice this week it was the one I voted for. I believe this is one of the most important conversations we needed to have in our community. We often look at professional development as something done to us or for us by an outside agency such as a principal or our school district. While this is true to a degree, as professionals we are also responsible for our own growth and development. We need to seek out the professional development that we need to grow.

Here are some of the main themes from the discussion:

  • Problems with mandated professional development.
  • Teacher responsibility with professional development.
  • Sharing professional development with the students in our classrooms.
  • How do we keep teachers accountable for professional development?

Here is a selection of some of the comments:

@cybraryman1: Too many decisions about changes are made by people untouched by the change process. Teachers should construct PD #edchat

@K_Shelton: Much of the current PD structure is mandated, and therefore may not support Ed Reform or Ed Progressivism #edchat

@joe_bower: #edchat Too much PD is created for policy makers and politicians and NOT for teachers and students.

@edtechsteve: Maybe one year, do PD on how to build/cultivate teacher PLN’s and PLC’s, then next year wipe slate clean and see what happens #edchat

@thomasjwest: We also have weekly PD presentations within our cyber school, streamed online and led by fellow teachers. #edchat

@wmchamberlain: How can we model PD so our students can use it as well? #edchat

@theprofspage: PD needs to be something we can use not boring. Hands-on definitely. #edchat

@intrepidteacher: Wish there was PD that allowed me to learn things that interest me that may or not be usable in the classroom. #edchat

@Parantella: I tell my daughters daily that you cannot learn a new skill (really learn it) if you don’t practice it frequently. Same applies here #edchat

@towittertoo: why can kids choose their own learning/books and I can’t choose my own projects as a teacher? #edchat

@tbfurman: I think a good interview question is this: “What are you researching?” #edchat

@pisanojim: Teachers MUST have input for PD in their subject disciplines, what works for one does not work for others. #edchat

@johntspencer: PD should begin with the question “How will this change how your students learn?” If that isn’t a part of it, you’re wasting my time #edchat

@boundstaffpress: If you are in a stagnant community, step up and teach others. #edchat

@joe_bower: #edchat Finland offers a model where teachers teach less and are given opp to learn collaboratively with colleagues.

@tomwhitby: Many Schools refer to lifelong learning in mission.Do teachrs and Admins in those schools model Lifelong Learning, PD? #Edchat

@lesliemaniotes: #edchat everybody needs time to reflect and think about ideas to transfer them into their own setting most PD doesn’t allow this -PLC’s can

@web20classroom: Are teachers really in total control of their own PD? No. But they can take steps to do learning on their own. #edchat

@jasontbedell: Does anyone work in an environment that differentiates PD? Don’t think we’re modeling what we do with students. #edchat

@EricTownsley: Many times PD is a one hit wonder, if teachers are to learn it, support their learning! Encourage them to take risks! #edchat

@sram_socrates: PD should aling with the Ed goals of a school and the division, but should also be interesting to the teachers attending #edchat

@tbfurman: think the physical act of getting tired people into one big room drains PD of its inherent vitality. #edchat

@mamacita: in many schools, teachers have no clue what others are doing. There’s no sharing & cross-curriculars are discouraged. #edchat

@sandraABE: #Edchat so many teachers don’t want to learn something new. they are stuck in a rut and don’t want to move out

@jptseltz: the cool part of PD for me is I continue to find new apps for my students to experience learning…loving to learn and passing it on #edchat

To follow the complete discussion see here

For the stats on #edchat participation see here

There were some amazing links shared this week!

edtechsteve: http://tweetphoto.com/22001602 The new and improved way to follow

isteconnects: New Post: Educators Must Stand Up for Education: Tweet for Ed Tech May 12 #EETT #Edtech #edchat http://bit.ly/abP9MR

alexgfrancisco: Measuring 21st-century skills | http://goo.gl/qjRJ #21stcenturyskills #edchat #edtech

intrepidteacher: This is a great post by @betchaboy on how most teachers say they love learning, but seldom show it: http://bit.ly/aM6etW

joe_bower: Too much PD is driven by analytical, data driven thinking and not nearly enough intuitive thinking http://bit.ly/9EaHNW

janwebb21: Blog post – change and immune response – http://bit.ly/cXTN72

egateway: Peer coaching at Gateshead College successful as a model for CPD http://bit.ly/cZpUzT

doctorjeff: We CANNOT aspire to do great things in the midst of hatred & ignorance http://bit.ly/10JpaC

kevcreutz: Last time I went to a PD and came back with something was observing a class do skype this morning http://kcreutz.blogspot.com

BDMediaZoo: Can Learning Innovations be Embedded and Sustained? New Beyond Distance blog post http://bit.ly/8XwD8P

kevcreutz: I blogged all week about the benefits of twitter. Great PD resource http://bit.ly/buwVQD

cybraryman1: Professional Development sites (the good, the bad..) http://bit.ly/bOj5Sv

stevebarkley: See NJ new template for planning PD http://www.nj.gov/education/profdev/pd/teacher/

teachingwthsoul: What Good PD should be! http://pdonline.ascd.org/pd_online/secondary_reading/el200405_dufour.html

MissCheska: @PearsonLongman Through portfolios http://bit.ly/atTe05

meadbuilder: Tweet for Ed Tech May 12 #EETT #Edtech #edchat http://bit.ly/aoX3Yy

nocturne4342: RE http://bit.ly/chU6AT @teachingwthsoul Thanks!!!

bryanjack: @TeachPaperless Tech-Coordinator in our district developed a rubric for st’s or tchrs. #edchat http://bit.ly/4WLWjn (via @jmcconville1000)

cybraryman1: We need to design more PD like the Teach Meets & similar gatherings: http://bit.ly/9AtU6C

InspireTeach: “Inconvenient Truth” director’s new documentary examines public #education in the US.: http://ow.ly/1JG58

MZimmer557: I LOVE this….. The Burden on Education…the changing curriculum http://bit.ly/cdMIlj

bhsprincipal: We gave our teachers total choice on a PD day this year and they loved it! http://bit.ly/clWFeo #edchat …No-brainer.

OReillyMedia: What is Gov 2.0? @timoreilly explains this afternoon in a free webcast. http://bit.ly/clxne0 #gov2 / ms #edchat #edtech20

tbfurman: and my recommended reading for the day is this article by S. Krashen http://twurl.nl/xy8x4y

chamada: @MissCheska @elenaleoni @psyproblems81 @olafelch Looks like some schools are already doing it. http://bit.ly/clWFeo

pysproblem81: http://bit.ly/cPdYpN My own collection of PD links

nocturne4342: For anyone seeking PD this is the site I was looking at http://bit.ly/dsS8Ev

edutek: #edchat recap will be coming up soon at http://ow.ly/1JGXQ

kylepace: Awesome post by Seth Godin: “Are you an Elite?”…http://bit.ly/cvGD66

MZimmer557: My Glog for a PD of Web 2.0 Tools teachers should be using, as well as videos and other links. Plz Share! http://bit.ly/9KFEZI

TeachTCI: TCI’s TeacherGenius http://bit.ly/9UMoja and the Feds new crowd-sourcing initiative http://bit.ly/drlvfW-common goal to help teachers

@wmchamberlain aka William Chamberlain: I am a veteran of 16 years and I currently teach at my old elementary school in Noel, Missouri. My wife and I are youth leaders at Anderson FBC where I am also a deacon. I have four wonderful girls aged 19, 16, 8, and 4. My class blog can be found at NoelTigers.com. My professional blog which I share with some great friends is At the Teacher’s Desk.  I teach, it’s what I do.

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What do you think about PD as a catalyst for education reform? Leave a comment!


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