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April 14, 2010

From an educator’s point of view, what should be cut from education budgets when times get tough?


    4-6-2010 – 18:00 CET 12 PM EST    

Both @shellterrell and myself (@rliberni) were attending a conference and therefore unable to moderate edchat on April 6th. We are fortunate in having great edchatters to step in and take over this role and thank Sean Banville, Olaf Elech and Joe Bower for doing this – thank you very much!

Joe also agreed to provide the edchat summary for this topic. As his summary on his own blog site was so comprehensive, it seemed foolish to re-invent the wheel so here is the link to the summary  and all the shared links for the topic are listed below for you to explore!!

I believe students should experience their success and failure not as reward and punishment but as information. Author of For the Love of Learning.


To follow the complete discussion see here  

 For the stats on #edchat participation see here  

 As ever, there were some great links shared: 

akenuam: @tbfurman: Florida is a mess http://bit.ly/bkGuYS

akenuam: anyone used the open innovation portal to suggest reform? http://bit.ly/aYsVjO

lisamonthie: @corriekelly i agree: I c articles about students who passed their state test but cant handle college http://tinyurl.com/ylkqmop

reyjunco: Using multiple video chats in education http://bit.ly/9JihxO

SmartEdServices: @corriekelly How 2 show importance of 21st cent. learning- New test measures digital literacy 4 tomorrow’s jobs http://bit.ly/b61BbU

akenuam: budgets aside, how can we close the achievement gap? http://bit.ly/ap3oVZ

joe_bower: No need to census test every kid. Sampling stu is good solution to cutting testing costs. Finland does it. http://bit.ly/cAW6WM

joe_bower: Did anyone else see the $$ Deleware is spending on DATA cops so they could get RttT $ ? http://bit.ly/c07Stx

teacher6th: program idea for helping teachers beat budget restrictions: http://www.donorschoose.org/twt-p/

web20education: RT @DUMACORNELLUCIA: Why teachers must use Social Media in education , #edtech20 , #edchat ? http://bit.ly/5MljMZ . Please repply here http://bit.ly/cNd3z2

joe_bower: Too often educators assume the cuts must happen. If we are organized, we can fight the cuts http://www.investinschools.ca/

reportertanya: These districts saved money by moving activity and facility schedules online http://bit.ly/c96ZRv

web20educationRT@ DUMACORNELLUCIA: Social Media in education  http://tweetphoto.com/17393631

elanaleoni: @EduTechSmith Yes! High Tech High does this well. http://bit.ly/bpxclK #

web20education: RT @DUMACORNELLUCIA: Twitter is also a great tool for teaching and playing , #edtech20 , #edchat 🙂 http://bit.ly/9AGcCh

web20education: RT @bjnichols: New Google Earth Imagery – Google Earth Blog http://bit.ly/c8ltSX

joe_bower: Wanna know how to keep pissing away edu reform $$, keep breaking these five rules http://bit.ly/duT0dd Florida is doing great

DUMACORNELLUCIA:  I involved 110 teachers in project ,,Different, but equal ” . #edchat , #edtech20 see blog http://bit.ly/bTwsnJ Ning http://bit.ly/bnrjde

lisamonthie: @bcahrens u should see interactive lectures by @glennw98 http://bit.ly/bUScoS he does a great job

theresawhite: “Why The Arts Are Important in Schools for the Future of the Workplace” Keynote by Dan Pink http://www.tmea.org/2009keynote/

daveandcori: RT @tomwhitby: Eliminate mailings by using the internet for parent communication. saves $$$ #edchat – I agree-more ways –http://goo.gl/7CGL

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What do you think about ‘cuts’ in education? Leave a comment!


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