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March 24, 2010

Getting more great teachers-leaders in education


 3-16-2010 – 18:00 CET 12 PM EST   

Gr8 teachers/leaders at #edchat!

Our thanks go to @colport for this week’s summary. @colport is an award winning teacher with a keen interest in edutech. He is a stalwart at edchat and always has great ideas to share! (see bio below)

This #edchat session focused on how the education sector could attract more great teachers/leaders into the sector.

Here are some of the main themes from the discussion: 

  • An improvement of teacher training
  • Educators perceived as professionals
  • Take away summative testing procedures – more teacher flexibility. 

Here is a selection of some of the comments: 

@TurklishTEFL:  Having administrators actually trust teachers. Also, eliminate exams as accountability

@rkiker:  Maybe we could compromise on certification requirements – would be great to have engineers teaching


@olafelch:  You can attract great candidates if the job is seen as being prestigious.

@rapsa:  Agree! RT @cristama: Supporting good teachers/good teaching so good teachers become great (hopefully creates viral effect)

@cybraryman1:  We need much better training of teachers so they can face the many challenges of teaching successfully.

@esinglet:  Educators need to be seen as professionals. More pay and respect from general public for field of education.

@daveandcori:  Give teachers some say over what they teach, and how, in their classroom. std testing has cut out creativity and spontaneity

@rliberni:  Many teachers have their hands tied too much, it’s hard to be creative

@saraebest:  In many countries tchers are held in high esteem, in US seems it’s looked down as lesser career & low req’s. Can we change the view?

@rapsa:  @rliberni Teaching is a gift that people want to share, to try to make an impact on their communities, to expand a love of learning.

@lhmiles2:  According to a guest speaker from India at my school, teachers are top 5 in respect totem pole.

@colport:  @rliberni I resent teachers who enter the profession because they think it’s the easy option

@JasonFlom:  @colport They are some of the main culprits giving the rest of us a bad name!

@rliberni:  @colport this is still a problem good holidays etc etc need to weed this out early

@ShellTerrell:  Yes! RT @wmchamberlain: You want to retain teachers, give them a vision that doesn’t include standards based testing!

@joe_bower:  We bully and fire tchrs and then we wonder why no one wants to be a tchr or over half quit inside of 5 years. http://bit.ly/bQSuik

@BrianStPierre:  @colport money may be2ndary, but lets not pretend it isnt a factor when trying to attract bright, creative people

@Mamacita:  Many administrators are frightened by dynamic, creative teachers; the rubber room is full of genuine artists w. unorthodox methods.

@VanessaSCassie:  People are trying to measure teaching with a formula when it should be approached as an art

@joe_bower:  If u think firing bad teachers is the answer, you r being reactive when u should be proactive. Focus on making more good tchrs

@BrandiJClark:  We are the only profession where beginning teachers are expected to perform at the same level as veterans.

@chrisjohnston:  Slow, organic, grassroots change is sometimes hard to sustain. People get tired, discouraged, waiting for results

@ktenkely:  Amen! RT @ShellTerrell If educators ran edu policy they wouldn’t fire the teachers, they’d fire the ones who created the roadblocks

@colport:  Is it too easy to become a teacher? I think the uni process is easy in UK!

@rliberni:  @colport I agree, and motivations are not asked

@rliberni:  I think many teachers are drowning in all the policy, an overblown curriculum and way too many targets applies to the kids too!

To follow the complete discussion see here 

 For the stats on #edchat participation see here 

 As ever, there were some great links shared:

mbcampbell360: According to Eric Hanushek (at Stanford) sdnts w good teachers learn 1 year more material in one school year http://bit.ly/cETrXB

joe_bower:  Alberta is not making more state mandated standardized tests. We are getting rid of them!! http://bit.ly/ddjpV3

joe_bower: Firing teachers only promotes lack of trust for tchrs and only scares off future tchrs from ever becoming tchr. http://bit.ly/cLkhqf

joe_bower: Finland respect and trust their teachers. They see #edreform as 3 paradoxes US policy makers simply doesn’t get http://bit.ly/a2SMxt

joe_bower: Teachers are being bullied into following an agenda that is not their own – and then fired for not following http://bit.ly/bQSuik

JasonFlom: @Adorabilly Kim Marshall has developed comprehensive tchr eval rubrics that are quite impressive. #edchat (http://bit.ly/3oREQW at bottom)

akenuam: anyone heard about http://www.betterlesson.org / for collaborating and sharing resources?

mbcampbell360: @StarrMatica apparently class size is not that big an issue http://bit.ly/9D2nLx

drewmca: watching #edchat via Google’s live update http://bit.ly/duI1xG – going by almost too fast for me to reply!

andrewsams: Newer demos of augmented reality, imagine all the possibilities for instructional design! http://bit.ly/cY2H7Y

web20education: @dumacornellucia Teachers , other Elearning specialists are invited here http://bit.ly/b7TkoI to discover toghether new tehnologies

DeronDurflinger:  Reading: Its the Classroom Stupid: Where Reform Starts http://bit.ly/bxgUnv

mmiller7571: Google Apps http://bit.ly/9izlDN we already have some things in place

VanessaSCassie: @elanaleoni Here it is: http://bit.ly/4JY8qO

web20education: All of you are invited on facebook http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=110575425625346

hmundahl: Students and faculty tweet & blog on urban experiential learning project: @AssnforEE #edchat #NHSJUA http://bit.ly/16r1iD

elanaleoni: @TeachTec PBL can completely demonstrate achievement. Edutopia’s actually doing a 3yr study on it: http://bit.ly/dBxXpH

joe_bower: We must be the change we want to see in the world – teachers in the US likely don’t feel like they can 😦 http://bit.ly/bcqwpM

SmartEdServices: @ShellTerrell RT @tomwhitby: Many bad tchrs are a product of poor training. They need guidance not the boot. #edchat http://bit.ly/5KpNl7

joe_bower: @pepepacha tchng is a growth skill. I was a bully at the start of my career #edchat http://bit.ly/9azxlq  I’m good tchr now.

ksivick: WOW! RT @hadleyjf: New blog post: Japan in my Classroom via Skype. PLN connections via @barbsaka http://bit.ly/8GamLb

joe_bower: Finland’s education success is answered by seeing how they DID NOT subscribe to high-stakes testing account http://bit.ly/a2SMxt

joe_bower: Good teachers don’t become good teachers when crap like this defines our accountability measures http://bit.ly/cyPLRR

mjgormans: It’s True: I Teach Because I Can’t Do Anything Else:My tribute to educators! Enjoy/Share! http://wp.me/pBrsB-co

joe_bower: Controlling Teachers – Controlling stu will turn them off of lrning. Controlling tchrs will turn them off tchng http://bit.ly/9RMOM6

joe_bower:  John Wooden could teach us a lot about how to treat students and teachers and athletes and people in general http://bit.ly/bADnyT

Aaron_Eyler: The “Need It Now” Generation: http://bit.ly/92rYw9

tfteacher:  @joe_bower http://www.thefrustratedteacher.com/2008/06/teaching-science-or-art.html #edchat Teaching is an art! (maybe a craft?)

 Bio: Award Winning Teacher – KS2 in UK; ICT & Assessment Coordinator; Studying Ed.D.; Love of Technology supporting Education; Dad of 2.


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