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March 10, 2010

If we could focus the discussion on education reform, what would be the first issue?


 3-9-2010 – 18:00 CET 12 PM EST   

Education Reform - First things

Our thanks for this week’s edchat summary go to @openstudy who, I think you’ll agree, has done a fantastic job! Openstudy is a regular participant at edchat and has provided us with many of our links to relevant reading material! (See bio below)

Education reform is a persistently complex subject; there are so many moving parts with numerous agendas. Tuesday’s #edchat is from the teacher’s perspective. Many ideas, complaints, suggestions, and confirmations were made in today’s hour. 

 Here are some of the main themes from the discussion: 

Education reform comprises of many aspects. The following themes were the ones that resonated with the #edchat community.

– Class size is a cause of concern.
– Which current education institutions/organizations are leading the charge in education reform?
– Teacher compensation should reflect our value.
– Current assessment of students is flawed.
– Parent engagement is something to focus on.
– Study habits have a wide range of opinions (ex: giving homework)

Here is a selection of some of the comments: 

 With such a vibrant discussion, it’s almost impossible to do it justice in a summary, but I’ve picked out some of the comments that caught my eye.

I  would ask that the following question is added to the poll next week:

How does Social Media change the way students engage with teachers and other students?

To follow the complete discussion see here 

For the stats on #edchat participation see here 

 As ever, there were some great links shared:

openstudy: Education reform is robust topic. Here are 50 great blogs on education reform. http://bit.ly/a1BKKZ

@phsprincipal:  The dissonance between the reform we need and the change we voted for is aggravating! http://bit.ly/cg5Mjc

bjnichols: 1 way to get more involved in driving policy & reform is to become an Educator Advocate http://bit.ly/99aka6

@Aaron_Eyler:  Teacher Professionalism? http://bit.ly/bT9W7u

openstudy: “Building a Better Teacher” article in the NYT Magazine? http://nyti.ms/c1mu1l

Nashua_Online: eLearning: Interesting Weekly Finds #14 http://bit.ly/dvFNvs

@cgseibel: “Wide Web of diversions gets laptops evicted from lecture halls” http://tinyurl.com/yzqoxbj Progress??

joe_bower: My passion for educational reform starts with abolishing grades: http://bit.ly/dyVl9t

joe_bower: I also want to reform traditional assessment by abolishing multiple choice exams forever and ever. http://bit.ly/cqpMXf

joe_bower: After I abolish multiple choice tests, grades and behaviorism, I am going to abolish homework: http://bit.ly/9jlA34

dannymaas: StoryJumper now has a (free) classroom edition! Woo hoo! http://ow.ly/1g9T7

When you have time this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fW8amMCVAJQ  is an outstanding video on leadership.

joe_bower: re: standardized testing. Are u familiar with Campbell’s Law? Standardized Testing’s Kryptonite: http://bit.ly/cItpQ5

rliberni: Diane Ravitch on Edu Reform http://bit.ly/8Zqzna

roxanneglaser:  Have you seen Chat Roulette? This post by Sarita Yardi interesting to think about. http://bit.ly/9PweS6

joe_bower: Just blogged: Do you think merit pay is a new idea? Think again: http://bit.ly/cvT3vr Hilarious story on this 123 year old idea!

cybraryman1: Some Ed Reform sites (top left column) Ed page: http://bit.ly/6PtsC

cybraryman1: See: #ecosys chat on Mondays where they are working on policy: http://bit.ly/7w7P59

ESLlibrary: Do you use student interest surveys? http://tinyurl.com/yjqw5b5

shellterrell:  Here’s my beginning to Edu Reform, Goal- get maj of tchrs a PLN. Plz contribute, http://bit.ly/deG7BA

jpsteltz:  I LOVE teachers…I really do. Pls read and enjoy http://wp.me/pN3x8-3O

TheNerdyTeacher: http://bit.ly/aJKrFB Check out how I reforming my classroom and my building.

bjnichols: Aligning 21C Learning with 21C Learners http://bit.ly/9w4NJx

joe_bower:  Yong Zhao blogged about that Tech Report. Very interesting. Perhaps optimism? http://zhao.educ.msu.edu/

storyjumper: Special sneak preview of Classroom Edition for teachers that follow @storyjumper http://bit.ly/b3yYaB

daveandcori: New blog post- Free Educational Technology Journals – http://trunc.it/689ks

joe_bower:  Alfie Kohn writes about the ‘Better Get Used To It’ theory of education in The Homework Myth

rliberni:  Article on primary testing (UK) Too much testing has hit primary school standards http://bit.ly/bh6gkp

OpenStudy.com is an e-Learning startup headquartered in Atlanta’s Technology Square. Our team consists of professors, grad students, and other people who care about the future of education. Look for our private-alpha launch in April. If you are an educator that wants to test our product in the alpha launch please email oliver.lancaster@openstudy.com

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