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February 10, 2010

How can we guarantee equitable access and use of technology to ensure tech literacy and to support meaningful learning for all students?


 2-9-2010 – 18:00 CET 12 PM EST  

Amazing Edu Discussions!

I think last night’s discussion on equitable access to technology was one of the most amazing yet!! There were so many tweets it was difficult to read them at all! We certainly had a large cohort of teachers very committed to the idea of technology being at the heart of 21st century education at all levels. 

The discussion addressed two main elements of equity: 

  • Having the hardware in the first place
  • Making sure that all students had access to it in fairly equal measure (i.e. all teachers in the organisation used it)

Here are some of the main themes from the discussion: 

  • The need for technology funding to be equitable – this is a very key issue
  • The importance of having access in school and not relying on what might be available at home
  • Equal opportunity should be fundamental whatever the technology available
  • Using mobile devices should be encouraged – most kids have them
  • Teaming up with businesses to get ‘old’ hardware, making more grants available, creative ways of funding
  • As ever, the importance of training for all teachers
  • Proper strategies so buying decisions are sound – the need to involve all stakeholders in this
  • The need to embrace technology and demonstrate how it can make a difference – take away the fear
  • Ensure that its use furthers learning, emphasis should remain on the how and not the need to procure
  • The need for fundamental educational reform to ensure equity and efficacy in learning

There were so many themes and suggestions that this list only scratches the surface

Here is a selection of some of the comments: 

@Folmerica: Basic tech needs to be provided by the schools, we can’t count on families to have access 

@blairteach: This is an issue bigger than educators since equitable access & tech resources are influenced by funding 

@ShellTerrell: How can we get technology into the hands of districts who cannot afford it? 

@olafelch: RT @rliberni: @olafelch this is where schools can have infuence i think #edchat Wrong modal verb – “must” (Sorry!) ;o) 

@karimderrick: Give them all an #itouch (or similar) and let them into the classrooms….. 

@bjnichols: Labs are obsolete. We don’t go to a central place to use tech. We use it wherever, whenever. 

@cybraryman1: The most effective way is to literally show school boards & administrators samples of how tech was employed to teach 

@akamrt: Yes. Learning must return to center of concept of school. We are not producing employees. We are mentoring learners. 

@olafelch: That’s a good reason why schools should have control of their own budgets. 

@evab2001: do we really need a lot of technology to start with if Ts start with small bits & see the benefits I’m sure they’ll try it 

@AlexDLWS: The more web-based tools you use, the less dependent you are on certain software and hardware. Then you can open up to open source 

@UltimateTeacher: Ultimately the end goal for students is knowing how to interact with one other If you can train the person you can learn the skill. 

@andycinek: Content & questioning will always remain at the core of learning, venues by which we find & learn will chnge rapidly 

@esolcourses: LOL! Don’t get that one myself. Problem I sometimes get is with BOFH types who want to block sites/deny access to stuff 

@mbteach: RT @blairteach: “Leading does not require a title or position. Leading merely requires a decision to lead.” @LeadToday 

@AlexDLWS: Remember to use Technology as a Tool, Tech Enhances Teaching, It Doesn’t Replace Human Presence Or Knowledge Transfer 

@tkraz: The price of 3 textbooks = 1 smartphone. Do we have the comparative uses to make the switch? 

@rliberni: We keep coming back to this need for a cultural shift in edu 

@acmcdonaldgp: The word pedagogy (to me) carries connotations of teacher centered instruction. What about Learnagogy? 🙂 #edchat Students most important 

@celfoster: Agree with many – Fear is the reason – fear of: not knowing, losing control, too many to mention #edchat 

@blairteach: @akamrt The longer I’m around, the more I believe it’s a control issue (even at the classroom level); many tchrs like control. 

@olafelch: @msmithpds Exactly. Imagine you were banned from driving because you might have an accident. 

To follow the complete discussion see here 

For the stats on #edchat participation see here 

As ever, there were some great links shared: 

New to Edchat?

If you have never participated in an #Edchat discussion, these take place twice a day every Tuesday on Twitter. Over 400 educators participate in this discussion by just adding #edchat to their tweets. For tips on participating in the discussion, please check out these posts! 

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If you’re new to hashtag discussions, then just show up on Twitter on any Tuesday and add just a few tweets on the topic with the hashtag #edchat. 

What do you think about equitable access to technology? Leave a comment!



  1. dang.. goes to prove you can’t miss one night of edchat. thank goodness for the archive. thank you for the archive.

    so here’s what i’m thinking to gain more access…
    1) for physical hands-on: more access during school day – library becomes hub
    2) for what tech school has: less one size fits all purchases – (ie; prometh in every room, netbook for every kid, multiple tools – esp cells is more authentic
    3) for how to use tech: students trained as interns – no more teacher pd on tech

    an actual plan: http://tinyurl.com/yk4fuxb

    Comment by monika hardy — February 10, 2010 @ 3:50 pm | Reply

    • Hi Monica some great ideas here! Thank you. We have had requests for a re-visit of this topic as there was soooo much to say. I’ll put your link into the blog.

      Comment by rliberni — February 10, 2010 @ 7:51 pm | Reply

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