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February 3, 2010

Do we believe all educators should further educational reform? Why?


 2-2-2010 – 18:00 CET 12 PM EST 

Education reform begins with Edchat!

Edchat reformers - #teachertuesday!


This topic was one that really got everybody going! The discussion was lively and there were several threads being explored. The role of the teacher, other stakeholders, politics and of corse the students themselves all featured.

Here are some of the main themes:

  • Teachers must be involved in any educational reform because of their position at the centre.
  • Reform is a natural process of evolution and will happen anyway.
  • There are political implications which cannot be ignored.
  • The monetary aspect of any reform will always play a large role.
  • We need to ask questions such as ‘what’ and ‘why’ before considering any reform.
  • Reform can happen at classroom and school level.
  • Any reforms must include all stakeholders to be effective and have consensus.
  • Reform is a slow burn and starts with grassroots movements  like #edchat
  • Does reform have to be universal, a one size fits all approach – there is a case for localisation.
  • The poverty gap was one specific issue discussed and how through educational reform this might be addressed

Suggestions were made for having ‘brain trusts’  to include teachers, parents, administrators and other stakeholders. The feeling generally was that starting small and analysing carefully were key. There was also a call for further discussion this topic in future edchat sessions with, perhaps, more of a focus on specific areas for discussion. So, watch this space!!

Check out the Ning to register interest in an action group.

Here are some of the comments 

@hadleyjf We need to do more than identify the problem. We need to identify the goal! What do we want for students

@akamrt: Don’t teachers have a moral obligation to instigate reform? Yes, it’s a part of education looking at innovation

@kunami10: What exactly are we trying to reform? Instructional practices, curriculum, or both?

@Esolcourses agree up to a point, though IME government directives/cost considerations seem to carry more weight than other factors

@TallGamer What type of reform or we talking about here? Tech in the class teaching methods are the kit and kaboodle?

@swalker2: We need to reform our goal of education first – agree on what that is – and then get into the details

@StarrMatica So true. Should be a requirement to spend significant time in a classroom before working on reform.

@elanaleoni I wonder though, r “21st century skills” really that different from learning how to learn–critical, creative curiosity?

@ShellTerrell: If we are always disagreeing & never doing then that becomes a problem too! #edchat we eventually need to take the step

@elemveee: how do we reconcile reality of “testing culture” w/ desire 4 imaginative, purposeful teaching?

@sudam09 Politcians should be asked to allocate their social funds randomly out of their constituency so that vote politics can be minimised

@akenuam: reform must begin within the classroom, we (teachers, schools, parents) must raise our expectations of students

@paulbrichardson Yes! The open source movement would be gr8 for ed reform. Infuse bottom up creativity into ed reform.

@Boundstaffpress I’m working this semester to influence my fellow teachers a few at a time to get involved here. #edchat has reformed my best practices

@Evmaiden sounds like we need less “reform” a little more “transform

@acmcdonaldgp: IF I were charged with reforming a district, the first thing I did would be to work 2 identify the shared vision of all stakeholders

@cybraryman1: How do we convince legislators that we elected to allow teachers, parents and students more of a role in ed reform?

@jennar: just did something interesting- read through #edchat convo backwards replacing the word ‘reform’ with ‘refocus’ … made me think

@Akamrt I would have to disagree. If we had a relevant purpose for doing school, wouldn’t reform processes be more successful?

@Teachingwthsoul Has got to be to advocate for best practices that enhance student achievement, that then lead to change.

@Acmcdonaldgp I enjoy these a great deal. Would love to turn a chat like this into an action research proj.

@CHuckeba good discussion, but agree with many that we need a follow-up. How will we actually make change? How do we reform?

@Bcinfrance I just started thinking there must be huge cultural differences in the question…but got brilliant too late, lol! #edchat

@olafelch: Most of the reforms don’t need extra funding – they need new thinking. #edchat

@readtoday: If teachers were equal members at the reform table we would finally see real change

To follow the complete discussion see here

For the stats on #edchat participation see here

Many great links were shared

One education chat #ecosys is working on How to drive change in Public Education. See Ed Chats: http://bit.ly/7w7P59

tech in classroom..ugh…how to get experienced teachers on board? http://bit.ly/9duhwI

 I always worked to provide a new teacher boot camp at my school. This is critical. DuFour/Eaker Chapt 8-9

understanding educational reform: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0309/20487.html

This is high quality creative teaching: http://bit.ly/cUhIti @thenerdyteacher’s latest blog post is fantastic

Start with vision and leadership. See page 4 onwards in: http://tinyurl.com/yhg9fda.

At the root of it all don’t they need to be critical thinkers? http://www.litland.com

Reform on the local level: http://bit.ly/djY8Cx

Distance education for parents of children with autism found effective – http://bit.ly/aceYWn

Exploring One School’s Success with a Technology-Based Reading Program http://tinyurl.com/yefsznu

powerful article-leadership inspiration-winning hearts/minds: http://is.gd/7yR0z

Teachers and students should press for an education worthy of a democracy http://bit.ly/2zu27D

From a press perspective, one role teachers can play is challenging politicians school myths http://bit.ly/autjsZ

Anyone is interested in continuing a convo about making #edchat the focus of an Action Research project? at the ning http://bit.ly/1RSL2n

New to Edchat?

If you have never participated in an #Edchat discussion, these take place twice a day every Tuesday on Twitter. Over 400 educators participate in this discussion by just adding #edchat to their tweets. For tips on participating in the discussion, please check out these posts!

More Edchat


If you’re new to hashtag discussions, then just show up on Twitter on any Tuesday and add just a few tweets on the topic with the hashtag #edchat.

What do you think about education reform? Leave a comment!


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